What We Think Of Me

What We Think Of Me (2019) is an essay video intended for 2 channels. This piece plays with self reflection and perception. Being a competitive swimmer since the age of 6 has greatly influenced my life and experiences. As a collegiate swimmer, I spend over 12 hours a week in the pool. This video was inspired by the way that swimming has affected my own confidence and personality. On the left screen, I present audio and visuals that reflect my love for swimming and the water. I describe a near death drowning experience. On the right, I present home videos from my childhood. I pair the visuals with chopped up and manipulated audio files of my family members describing what they think of me. I contrast dreamy reflections on my swimming and how I have grown into myself through the sport with how my family has perceived me as I have grown up in front of them. 

Two channel digital HD video (2K);
8:14 minutes total running time; color; sound

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