Un Portrait de Ma Grand-Mère et Moi

Un Portrait de Ma Grand-Mère et Moi (2018) follows my grandmothers’, Estelle Frydland, young life as a Jewish girl living in Nazi occupied France, to her experiences during the war and her adult life after. Simaltaneously, I paint a portrait of my relationship with my Grandmtoher through a spatial investigation of her old condo, where I spent much of my childhood. As I lay in the bed where I used to nap in, it is clear that I have outgrown that phase of my life. This video becomes emblematic of role reversals present in aging relationships. Now, I am helping my Grandmother, building her up and supporting her as she struggles with dementia and losing her agency. Ultimately, this video is a testament to my grandmother and captures my deep respect, love, and gratitude that I have for her. 

Single channel digital HD video (2K);
9:18 minutes total running time; color; sound

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