Currently based in Cincinnati, Ohio, I am working as a videographer and editor at a multimedia communications agency, which specializes in the healthcare and medical technology industries. This is an exciting field that features stories of growth, innovation, and some of the greatest minds on this planet. I enjoy the unique challenges that come with crafting narratives about complicated and intricate devices in accessible and engaging ways.

I graduated magna cum laude from Wellesley College in June of 2021, with a degree in Media Arts and Computer Science and received high honors for my thesis from the Art department. My technical education coupled with my lens of design and creativity make me a dynamic, collaborative, and impactful team player. I interface with clients ranging from Fortune 500 marketing heads to local small business owners who give me their vision and know that I will make it come to life. 

In my free time, I create as both an independent and a freelance artist, specializing in digital video production and animation. I enjoy the unique challenges of commercial work, especially balancing my own style with the needs of my clients. Many of my personal artistic pieces play with the documentary style and experimental elements. I also host a radio show with Inhailer radio, which allows me to share my appreciation for indie music. 

I also love to draw, hike, bike, do yoga, practice meditation and play music. My favorite way to start the day is by taking a long walk with my dog while listening to my favorite podcast and drinking a fresh cup of coffee.