Digital Video Production
Courses include: Introduction to Video Production, Experimental Video Production, Advanced Video Production

My focus in Media Arts is moving image. I have taken 3 courses under the guidance of Professor Claudia Joskowicz. In the making of these videos, I used professional grade Sony AF7 cameras, tripods, lighting equipment and audio equipment. To edit, I used Adobe Premiere, AfterEffects and Audition. I am also trained in using a Ronin. 

Photo by Hannah May


Portrait Video: Un Portrait de Ma Grand-Mere et Moi  

This portrait of my Grandmother, Estelle Frydland, follows her time as a Jewish girl living in Nazi occupied France, to her experiences during the war and after. Simaltaneously, I paint a portrait of my relationship with my Grandmtoher through a spatial investigation of her old condo, where I spent much of my childhood. 

Essay Video Video: What We Think of Me

An essay video intended for 2 channels, this piece plays with self reflection, education and perception. On the left screen, I present audio and visuals that reflect my love for swimming and the water. I describe a near death drowning experience. On the right, I present home videos from my childhood. I pair the visuals with chopped up audio files of my family members describing what they think of me. 

Structuralist Video: Avoid Sitting At All Costs 

Largely inspired by Structuralism, this video was shot entirely backwards. During the editing process, the footage was reversed to create the illusion of natural forward movement. Small audiovisual glitches hint to the viewer that something is off. This video is intended to highlight the ability to alter reality in the editing process. 

Satirical Video: The Universal Urine Exchange Project

This video acts a “mocumentary” about a scientific project to increase efficiency and convience in peoples daily lives. Ultimately, this satirical video questions the credibility and legitimacy of scientific media, and the willingness of the public to consume such media. 

Quarantine Episode 1: Conversation

This is the first in a series of 1 minute long videos taken during the Global Corona Virus Pandemic. This video depicts a now common conversation between my brother and father, in which they clash over concerns about picking up germs from our neighbor. 

Quarantine Episode 3Organizing

The third episode depicts the sense of meaningless that I have experienced during this time. To pass the time, I do random and pointless things, such as arbitrarily moving logs in a wood pile. 

Quarantine Episode 4: Visits With Nana

This episode was filmed during the car parade at my grandmothers nursing home. While we cannot visit my grandmother in person as we usually do, we are finding ways to connect with her- whether it be talking on the phone through her glass window or waving to her from a car.