Storyboarding | Drawing | Animating | Editing 
Photo by Hannah May

Courses: 2D Design, Moving Image Studio, Virtual Form.
Software: Mastery of Adobe Suite, including: Photoshop, Animate, Premiere, AfterEffects, Audition. Work Experience: Animation Instructor at ID Tech, taught animation theory and technical skills to children ages 8-18.

This animation is a metaphor about communication in relationships. The crack represents issues in the relationship that are not talked about.

Music Video: “You Make Me Wanna Die”

A music video made to song “You Make Me Wanna Die” by the Shiva’s.

This video depicts a relatioship between a person working out and the part of their brain that motivates them.

Installation: Anteater Factory

This animation was created as part of the GreenHouse Initiative. It is intended to talk about the industrialization of natural resources.