2D Animation 
Courses include: 2D Design, Moving Image Studio

At Wellesley, I have taken 2 courses in which I have been able to learn animation techniques under the guidance of Professor David T. Olsen. I have hand drawn all of these animations uses frame by frame technology with either Adobe Animate or Photoshop. 

Photo by Hannah May

An Extended, and Absurd, and Probably Convoluted Metaphor About Relationships

This animation is a metaphor about communication in relationships. The crack represents issues in the relationship that are not talked about.

Music Video: “You Make Me Wanna Die” 

A music video made to song “You Make Me Wanna Die” by the Shiva’s. 


This video depicts a relatioship between a person working out and the part of their brain that motivates them.

Installation: Anteater Factory

This animation was created as part of the GreenHouse Initiative. It is intended to talk about the industrialization of natural resources.