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Hannah May is a multi-media artist/ designer with a focus on digital video production & animation.

Much of my work focuses on narrative, long-form, documentarian style videos. In my practice, I aim to connect deeply with people so that they can authentically share their story with me. Visually, I capture the quieter parts of scenes with stagnant, intimate shots. Many of my pieces are self-explorative and highly influenced by my grandmother, who is a holocaust survivor, and our family’s history and resilience.

As a 2D animator, I use traditional frame-by-frame techniques to create beautifully imperfect and unique scenes. I also have experience creating 3D animations and simulations with Maya and Unity.

My education background includes a computer science and HCI curriculum. I also have experience and [confession] obsession with real world data analysis and visualization.

︎︎︎That’s me! In my free time I love to draw, hike, bike, do yoga, practice meditation and play music. My favorite way to start the day is by taking a long walk with my dog while listening to my favorite podcast and drinking a fresh cup of coffee.